About as

Belina's Sugarcraftart is a small, family-run business based in the historic village of
Criccieth, in North Wales, around 90 miles East of Birmingham. Here, we ship orders to
our thousands of cake-making customers all over the world.
Belina's Sugarcraftart is a stone’s throw from the A478 motorway (the main road link
from North Wales to England) which ensures fast, reliable deliveries throughout the UK -
and beyond.
For those customers who are surprised we even have electricity here in Wales, please
rest assured that we're proud to be part of a modern, vibrant European nation and that
deliveries to customers take no longer from Wales than from anywhere else in the UK.
Everyone here at Belina's Sugarcraftart loves cakes – some of us bake, some of us are
decorators and some of us just enjoy eating cakes.  There are few things more comforting
than the smell of something baking in the oven and the taste of real home baking – it’s
nostalgic, it’s homely, it’s fun.  We genuinely love what we do – it’s great fun and
this is something we hope always comes across to our customers.

A few competitors have created mischief with the idea that we don't offer cake
decorating advice . . . small, sugarcraft shops running classes can spend time offering
advice and we're happy to admit it - but just compare their prices to ours.  We're set
up to offer the very best prices possible to customers who know exactly what they're
looking for - but that certainly doesn't mean we don't know about baking and sugarcraft. 
Far from it!  It's just that nowadays, with Distance Selling Regulations in force, we
need to be very careful if we are to look after such a busy little business . . .  we
don't offer sale-or-return and we don't supply goods on approval, so we therefore have
to stop short of offering advice which could lead to a customer deciding to return an
item after trying it.

Our pricing policy is simple . . . at the pointing of adding a product to the
Belinasugarcraftart.com site we check the price against those shown on what are
generally regarded as the UK’s top sugarcraft websites.  Then we make sure our price is
better, typically by at least a further 10% and on many items our prices can be up to
25% better.
There is never any compromise on quality or service - we’re talking about exactly the
same products, but at the best prices possible.  Over time some of our competitors may
adjust their prices too, so if you find that one of our prices isn't just as good as it
could be please let us know and we'll be happy to take a look!
OK, that’s what we do.  What we don’t do is run a cake decorating forum or an advice
shop because, nice though this may be, it ties up a massive amount of time and resources
which we can otherwise dedicate to keeping prices incredibly low and getting your order
to you quickly and safely.  Other companies do offer those services and some are very
good at it – but someone has to pay for it and this is normally through their prices
being substantially higher than ours.
We have been selling sugar cake decorating on eBay for a few years now and sales just
keep on growing week after week . . . it may well be you’ve found Cake Stuff because you
bought something from us on eBay.
eBay is a dynamic marketplace and prices change there on a daily basis as we react to
competition, so it’s certainly possible that some of our items may be slightly less
expensive on eBay.
We’re honest people and are not trying to hoodwink anyone; we endeavour to offer the
best possible prices but there will always be the odd occasion where, simply because we
can change prices on eBay at very short notice, one or two items on eBay may appear
slightly cheaper.  We’re happy to offer our customers the choice of where to place their
order and hope you’ll accept our explanation.